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About us
Our Passion is a diet and nutrition company run by Dr Deepika Malik.
Spreading the wellness with diet and nutrition is our mission.
Our passion is to guide people to better manage their health through healthy eating.
What Do We Do's main focus is diet and nutrition to prevent disease and promote wellness.this is a place where you can find  practical diet tips to regain your health. We help you to understand your bodytype according to ayurveda and guide you accordingly.
We help you to loose weight with healthy diets and help you to maintain it too.

We help you to control the bad cholesterol and to manage diabetes.

We design special diets for conditions like PCOS or Hypothyroid.

We take special care of  designing diets for obese children to keep the diets fun and practical.

We design diets for sports persons. We design diets and menu for corporates.